Welcome to WatchCollectors.org. This website is dedicated to folks interested in collecting pocket watches, wristwatches, and other timepieces. WatchCollectors.org provides historical information about the companies making the timepieces, information on determining age of the timepiece, and ways to determine the value of an item.

We cannot guarantee all information on this site is 100% accurate. There is a lot of conflicting information about watch companies both online in publish documentation. A great deal of the confusion and misinformation has come about by lost of corporate records, the age of the company, laws regarding record keepting, and the fact many of the companies have gone out of business. All efforts will be made to provide the best information possible - based on the most expected and agreed on information by the experts in the field of watch collecting. We know there are many sites with information about watch companies. We will make every attempt not to publish information that cannot be verified. If we publish information that is considered an opinion or cannot not be verified, we will always note the statement is based on "opinion" or "cannot be verified". If you see information you disagree with, please feel free to contact us. We will make every effort to verify and validate your claims and make any necessary changes.

We offer two areas or services:
  • General Area where non-member can view information about watch collecting, history of horology, and general information about watch companies.
  • Member's Area offering services such as trading and selling pocket watches, asset tagging and tracking for insurance purposes, and forums for members to share thoughts and other information about horology.

This website will continue evolve and grow. We would like to apologize for this site staying static as long as it has. The key contributor to the site lost his son while patrolling the streets in Taji, Iraq. Due to the death of his son, he lost interest in maintaining this site. With renewed interest, we are hoping to develop this site into a leading horology site. pocket watch